TWITBIII: The Mid-Season

A brand new edition of This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball is here! In episode number three, we cover the first half of the season.

Our Guests on the opening panel in this episode:

Greg Eno- Where are you now, Johnny Grubb?

Ian Casselberry- Bless You Boys

John Brunn- Tiger Geist

J. Ellet Lambie- Eye of the Tigers

Topics of the First segment include: Team MVPs, Rick Knapp, Pitching performances of the first half and if this teams compares to any other Tigers squads in the past. In the second Segment, the guys talk about the trade deadline, and J. Ellet Lambie explains how Nate Robertson could be used in the second half (let’s just say it has nothing to with pitching!).

Topics discussed included: Adding a bat in the order via trade, Is Adam Dunn a good fit? What is the best solution to the backend of the rotation? Will Edwin Jackson and Justin Verlander hold up in the second half?

Thanks again to the guests in the first two segments!

Matt Wallace of Take 75 North joined us for this week’s Prospect on the Prowl. Today’s topic was the recent Amatuer draft. Though Matt and I hit on top two picks Andy Oliver and Jacob Turner, our main focus was third round pick Wade Gaynor out of Western Kentucky.  Wallace also informs us on some recent prospects that are on the climb and some recent injuries. Thanks again Matt from your insight and time.

Finally we wrap up episode number three with This Week in Detroit Tiger history. In this episode we go all the way back to June 28, 1976, where Mark “The Bird” Fidyrich took the nation by storm on Monday Night Baseball. The Bird was the word in the 1976 season, going 19-9 in 29 starts. Of those 29, Fidryich went the distance 24 times. Something that is unheard of these days.


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