TWITB Episode IV: Now Pitching, Rick Knapp


This Week In Detroit Tigers Baseball is back with a brand new episode, despite the struggles at the MCB Headquarters. In this week’s installment, Greg Eno, J. Ellet Lambie, and John Brunn join me to talk about this week’s action and the news surrounding our Tigers squad.Photobucket

Matt Wallace was also kind enough to join us for the prospect on the prowl segment, where Matt profiles Futures game member Scott Sizemore.

Topics include: Rick Porcello’s missed start, Carlos Guillen, Jeremy Bonderman, The All-Star Game, Brandon Inge’s push to the top, Luke French and more.

In this week in Detroit Tigers history, the year was 1911. Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford were doing their best impression of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle (the fore fathers?)


Episode four was recorded before Brandon Inge was named to the All-Star team. We know that Inge made it now :)

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