Linktacious Thursday Morning: SLR Podcast, Tiger Thoughts, Baseball Notes

It’s been a busy evening in the baseball world. As the agenda of Major League Baseball General Managers switches to the Rule 5 draft, some teams are focusing on finding the perfect minor league talent that could slip through and become the next Johan Santana. Meanwhile, others are back to business as usually. The Market is about to heat up.

Here are some links to enjoy this morning.

My Own Pluggage…..

[SLR Podcast] Looking for something to make you laugh? Yesterday, I joined Kevin Ferguson of Side Lion Report to talk about well… Almost everything but the Lions. Heads up, this isn’t something you will want the kids to hear and if you are at work wear headphones. I had fun with Kevin and his friend Dave talking about nearly the whole sports gambit.

Of course Tiger Woods comes up and it’s clear all of us can’t believe that he did what he did, knowing that he could of gotten away with it if he handled the situations(s) correctly. But he is human, we must all remember that (even though we think he is the second coming of christ on the Podcast).

Tigers Notes:

[BYB on Dolsi and Dusty] Ian at Bless You Boys has the latest on the latest roster moves. The Tigers have to clear roster space and to do so, they have designated Freddy Dolsi and Dusty Ryan. If both clear waivers, they would most likely receive spring training invites with minor league assignments. Both though are young and have shown talent at times. I would not be surprised if both are claimed. The Royals are looking for catching help, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a claim in. Meanwhile Freddy Dolsi showed in his rookie season that if given the chance, he could be a serviceable middle reliever. Hopefully he doesn’t get claimed. MCB sponsors his Baseball-Reference page and it’s often clear on the blog our love for the little man with a big arm.

[Prospect Breakdown with a full glass] Matt Wallace of Take 75 North has his evaluation of the players the Tigers received in the Granderson/Jackson trade posted. Wallace shares how he believes that Max Scherzer is a better pitcher than Edwin Jackson, and explains how the deal “turns on” Austin Jackson. As always great insight and work from Matt Wallace.

[Fan Perspectives Post Trade] Our pal J. Ellet Lambie at Eye of the Tigers discusses the different perspectives that the many different fans would have the morning after the big trade. I find myself between the Rational and Scout/Armchair perspective. You can also listen to Lambie’s audio thoughts on The Fantasy Buffet today at 11 AM CST.

[What Happens Next?] John Parent at Tigers Tracks wonders what is next for the Tigers after the recent trade of Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson. John also shares his thoughts on what is coming next with five lefties on the roster and at the catcher position. Good work as always from John.

[Carlos Guillen Rumors] Billfer at Detroit Tigers Weblog takes a look at the possibility of moving Carlos Guillen. He brings up a great point. Guillen could be kept around just to mentor the younger Miguel Cabrera. His contract would be nice to move, but the names rumored to be moving for him have just as bad of contracts… cough…. Juan Pierre.

[2011 Payroll] Danny Knobler of CBS breaks down next year’s payroll. Only 33 million on the books? Holy Cow! I love the sound of that.

Winter Meeting Notes:

UPDATE: The Rangers and Red Sox have a tentative deal in place that would send Mike Lowell to the Rangers for catcher Max Ramirez. The Red Sox would pay most of the 12 million due to Lowell. The deal could blow up knowing Mike Lowell’s injury history.

[30 Mil for Wolf?] Sooze at Babes Love Baseball touches on the recent 30 million dollar deal to land veteran starter Randy Wolf.  Like many, she doesn’t think he is still a 10 mil/year pitcher. Wolf is a good fit for the Brewers, but I don’t think at that price. I rather spend 7 on an arm like Rich Harden, with hopes of signing him to another deal in the next off-season.

[The Hawk has landed in Cheese Town] After working out terms with Randy Wolf, Brewers GM Doug Melvin continued working on improving his horrid pitching staff from last season. When the Astros didn’t offer him arbitration, Hawkins became a true option to work late innings for the Brewers becuase the organization would not have to give up any picks in the June draft. Hawkins will set up Trevor Hoffman and has a chance to silence the team that didn’t bring him back after a stellar 2009.  Meanwhile, the Astros have rebuilt their bullpen all in one day.

[Astros make bullpen changes] Just hours after losing out on Hawkins, the Astros made a few splashes of their own. First, they acquired possible closer Matt Lindstrom who saved 15 games in 17 games last season from the Florida Marlins. Lindstrom can hit 100 on the gun and has shown great ability in the past. Now all he has to do is harness it. Only time will tell if he is the closer next season, but Houston also made another huge commitment Wednesday evening when they signed Brandon Lyon to a 3-year 15 million dollar deal. Lyon was looking for a multi-year deal with a chance to close ballgames. If the money tells the story, then he will get more than a chance to be the closer of the Houston Astros. That opens up Jose Valverde on the free-agent market. Though money would suggest that the Tigers have no interest in signing a pitcher of that caliber.

[Rum Bunter on Crosby] Rum Bunter is one of the better baseball blogs out there and they are voicing their opinion on the signing of Bobby Crosby. All I can say is thank god. I wonder if Dave Dombrowski thought about signing Crosby and trading Granderson at the same time. Oh goodness would Tigers fans be infuriated at this point. Dombrowksi would not be able to be seen in public.

[Teams have interest in Mike Lowell] According to’s Gordon Edes, two teams have said they would be willing to take on Mike Lowell in a trade. Wow?!?! Two Teams? Does that mean there is hope that somebody will want Magglio at the trading deadline? In all reality, there are many teams in baseball that need help at third base. With so many free agents at the position, it could take time for a trade to fill out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is moved before the start of the season.

[Rangers trade Millwood to the Orioles] This is a good trade for both teams to me. The Rangers clear money for better pitchers (we will discuss in just a bit), while the Orioles actually get an established veteran that is not the Steve Traschel type. Millwood will acutally compete game in and game out. He is the bulldog type that would be afraid of the overpowering A.L. East lineups. Chris Ray is not part of the future either.  Meanwhile the Rangers add another piece to the bullpen and opened up money to add an arm that was built for the Rangers pitching philosophy.

[Rangers Sign Harden] After dealing Millwood to the Orioles, The Rangers added Rich Harden to their rotation by signing him to a one-year 7.5 million dollar deal. Harden fits the Nolan Ryan pitching approach when you factor in his height, big arm, strikeout ability. Right now he is just a one year option, as he looks to build up his free agent value for next season. The A.L. West is an interesting landing spot for the former Athletic. He had great numbers when healthy for Oakland.

[Suitors for Sheffield] According to, Gary Sheffield has stated that there are four teams interested in his services. Maybe he could play center for the Tigers? (okay, that was out of line) Sheffield could be a great platoon player like he was last year for a team with short porch in right.

[Tigers interested in Podsednik] Not only would it be awesome to steal him from the two divisional rivals that want him, but he is a good lead-off option that will play a decent center field. Personally I would love to see what Austin Jackson could do, but bringing in someone to help with the process makes a lot of since. Especially someone who can play left field as well.

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