Yankees Don't Get What They Want For Christmas

And surprisingly, neither do the Rangers. Have they been naughty this year? That’s the bombshell of the night. Cliff Lee has reportedly turned down significantly larger offers from Texas and New York to play where he wanted to play – Philadelphia. That mystery team did exist, but to my disappointment it didn’t turn out to be Detroit. But, then, honestly… would anybody sign with the Tigers at that kind of a discount?  I don’t know.

I know this probably has no bearing on the situation at all, but a part of me wonders if the treatment Cliff Lee‘s wife received from Yankees fans during the playoffs had something to do with this.  He seems to be going to the team most likely to play against the Yankees in the World Series, and a team good enough to be the favorite if it does.  If I was going to war with the Bronx Bombers, I know I’d want Roy Halladay at my back.

This has likely been the cork holding up the flow of hot stove action, so expect news to start coming in waves this week. The market looks better for sellers now, whether you’re talking about teams with trade chips (KC, Tampa) or second-tier free agents like Magglio Ordonez or Carl Pavano. New York and Texas had both planned on spending a hefty sum for Lee’s services, and will be looking at backup plans. Texas has been mentioned along with Maggs before…

Check back regularly, things are about to get busy…

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