Wrapping Up The MCB Top 50 Prospects List

Over the past month or so here at Motor City Bengals, James and myself have been rolling out our top 50 Tigers prospects, and then following it up with scouting reports as well. Judging by how much these were read, it is apparent that there is some interest in Tigers prospects, and getting information about them. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of putting this list in one spot for you, I wanted to talk about the job James Chipman did on this series.

A top 50 prospects series for any team is quite an undertaking, so I wanted to commend James on finishing the project. I offered my opinion and assistance at times, but James ultimately was the one who had to do the writing and putting these together when we rolled them out. It’s not an easy task, as the Tigers have 8 minor league ball clubs. That is approximately 200+ players for us to sift through, and then try and get information on to provide you the reader with as much Tigers prospect information as we can.

So congratulations to James for putting what I consider a quality list together.

Down below, I am going to list the entire top 50 on one page for you all in order to see them in the same place. We have had some comments generated rolling the lists out 5 at a time, but I wanted to give our readers a chance to comment on the list, ask questions about why a certain player was ranked where they were, or compare your own lists, all in one place. Myself and James will try and answer any comments and questions as soon as possible, and I am hoping to have a quality discussion about our top 50.

The exciting thing is, the more questions we see, the more I can be convinced that as the season rolls on, we can look into doing live chats about the Tigers system, ala Baseball America.

Here is the list:

50. Brayan Villareal
49. Dean Green
48. Dan Bennet
47. Jesus Uztaris
46. Edgar De La Rosa
45. Robbie Weinhardt
44. Justin Henry
43. Tony Plagman
42. Michael Morrison
41. Jamie Johnson

40. Tommy Collier
39. Josue Carreno
38. Jose Ortega
37. Tyler Stohr
36. Brandon Loy
35. Kenny Faulk
34. Ramon Lebron
33. Wilsen Palacios
32. Michael Torrealba
31. Javier Azcona

30. Brandon Douglas
29. Matt Hoffman
28. Duane Below
27. Dixon Machado
26. Hernan Perez
25. Brian Flynn
24. Kevin Eichorn
23. Kyle Ryan
22. Luis Marte
21. Austin Wood

20. Jay Voss
19. Adelin Santa
18. Aaron Westlake
17. Jason King
16. Eugenio Suarez
15. Bruce Rondon
14. Daniel Fields
13. Tyler Gibson
12. Alex Burgos
11. James McCann

10. Andy Oliver
9. Tyler Collins
8. Rob Brantly
7. Avisail Garcia
6. Brenny Paulino
5. Casey Crosby
4. Danry Vazquez
3. Drew Smyly
2. Nick Castellanos
1. Jacob Turner

There you have it. Let the comment party begin.

If you have any in-depth questions you would like answered, you can always email me at [email protected] as well.

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  • Tigerized

    I guess everyone is leaving it up to me to get the party started.Oliver dropping to #10 stands out to me.I actually had him #10 on a list I made before I saw the top 50 here.It sure would be nice if he came out in the spring and could suddenly throw strikes.It should be a fun year to keep tabs on Castellanos and Vasquez,and some of the even younger talent in Santa and Ustariz.Avisail Garcia and more so Fields need to show improvement this year.I look forward to a possible Castellanos,Machando,Perez infield in Lakeland.Hopefully they will show improvement defensively.All in all,I think the ’12 minor league season could show the Tigers have a better farm than most think or prove that it lags behind most clubs.

    • MCBjohnverburg

      @Tigerized Thanks for getting it started. Haha. I know people are interested, but it seems not many want to comment or ask questions. It’s cool. Oliver’s continued strike zone troubles are a little puzzling to me. Guys that tend to be athletic usually don’t have as much repeating a delivery like he does. He isn’t some unathletic oaf. We gave Casey Crosby some more leeway simply because he was coming back from Tommy john, and his curve is a better secondary than anything Oliver offers at this point.

      As for the system. I tend to be down on it more than others in general, but it probably isn’t as bad as I think.

      • Tigerized

        @MCBjohnverburg Yeah,you’re probably just wanting to see more high ceiling prospects,and well you should.Throw out ’08 and I think they have done a decent job in the draft and luckily have done well in the international market.Also,if they can keep trading prospects for players that help the big club,then that’s half the battle.Oh,and I didn’t catch my typo,yes i know it’s Dixon Machado.

        • MCBjohnverburg

          @Tigerized I definitely would have liked to have seen more higher end over the slot high school selections over the years. But I understand there is a need for higher floor guys as well. I didn’t like the 2011 draft much initially because of all the talent in that draft, and going with McCann and Westlake, either of which I don’t believe in, means I didn’t like much. I got good word on Collier right off the bat, and of course I liked the Gibson pick. The Collins pick is one I didn’t know about that looks like a good selection at this point.

        • MCBjohnverburg

          .” screen_name=”undefined” provider=”lf” class=”namespace reply lf” jid=”[email protected]” ns=”true”> I’m not speaking very good english tonight. Haha.

      • Tigerized

        @MCBjohnverburg Oh,and I suppose getting Avila in the 5th round is a plus,but had they hit on any of their top 4 picks it could have been really nice.I too give Crosby some slack for coming back from tommy john,and the fact that they re tooled his delivery also.Like many other prospects,this year may tell a lot about his future.

        • MCBjohnverburg

          @Tigerized I always thought it was funny that Tigers fans judged that Avila pick as a nepotism thing. Yeah, they took him early, but Avila has always had that short compact stroke we see now. He could always hit, and who would know that better than the Tigers? Now, his defense has progressed quicker and far beyond what most probably thought, but it definitely makes that draft not look nearly as bad.

  • valordesign

    Not a question, I just wanted to say good job on putting together the list. The list has me curious now about Danry Vasquez and Brenny Paulino. It will be interesting to see how their status progresses as they climb the ranks. I do have to say I don’t think Turner is going to be a Tiger by the time spring training comes.

  • valordesign

    Not a question, I just wanted to say good job on putting together the list. The list has me curious now about Danry Vasquez and Brenny Paulino. It will be interesting to see how their status progresses as they climb the ranks.

    I do have to say I don’t think Turner is going to be a Tiger by the time spring training comes.

    • MCBjohnverburg

      @valordesign Thanks a lot. It did take some time. Paulino is the one people I think really should be excited about. All goes well, Tigers have a top of the rotation guy there. Vazquez gets the benefit of the doubt for holding his own as a 17 year old. Anytime you see that you have to give them some credit.

      A guy I am really going to be interested in watching in person this year is Eugenio Suarez. Suarez has gotten ranked as high as #4 on some lists, and probably has the biggest variance of anyone I have seen. I think 4 is ridiculous for him at this point, but he did show surprising pop for a guy with an above average middle infield glove.