Betting tips on baseball 2013: who win the MLB?

The 2013 MLB post-season playoffs are advancing rapidly now, and fans of the LA Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox will be feeling confident about their team’s chances of making the World Series. These are the two teams that have already booked their places in the Championship Series, and they are also the two favorites for the World Series with bookies, with respective odds of 23/10 and 9/4. A lot of people keen on baseball betting will be putting bets on either of these two, but are they the only sides worth considering to win this season’s MLB?

Of course not, as we are still waiting to see which sides will join them in the Championship Series, and several of the other sides have strengths that could hurt the Red Sox or the Dodgers. Particularly the Detroit Tigers, who have perhaps the best starting pitchers in the entire MLB – including Justin Verlander. They may have finished the regular season poorly, but should squeeze past the Oakland Athletics, and they should be considered real contenders at 6/1. The fact that it is a knockout format also adds an element of unpredictability. Many people did not fancy the Red Sox or Dodgers to make the Championship Series, making this a much harder way of mixing baseball and gambling than playing a game like Hot Shot at an online casino like would be.

After all, Hot Shot is a slot game – and they have always been the easiest kind of casino games. To be more precise it is a baseball themed slot game, with five reels featuring a variety of baseball imagery, like hitters and pitchers, catchers’ mitts and baseballs. However they are easier than trying to pick the winner of the play-offs, themed slots games still have their challenges, as you try to navigate the bonus games and win the jackpot ($2000 in the case of Hot Shot). It’s just that they offer baseball gaming in a format that offers you a better shot at a payout than betting on it in the usual way will.

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