Drawing Player Comparisons For Will Rhymes

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Solid Major Leaguer Comparison:
David Eckstein

It is easy to write off a guy like David Eckstein. He doesn’t look much like a professional athlete on or off the field but the guy has put together a pretty decent career. Eckstein put up a respectable 2.0 WAR season for the Padres last year after it looked like his career was on a downward trajectory. With his career now closer to the end than the beginning we often forget the kind of impact he had as a younger player.

David Eckstein finished fourth in rookie of the year voting in 2001 then finished 11th in MVP voting during the Angles’ 2002 world championship season. He made All-Star teams as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2005 and 2006. All of this while never hitting more than eight home in a season and typically hitting in the upper .200s.

Eckstein is proof that a solid big league career can be made from hustle and determination. There is still a place for guys like David Eckstein and Will Rhymes in modern baseball