ICYMI: MCB Digest–Detroit Tigers Week That Was

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Credit: Flickr, Arturo Pardavilla III http://goo.gl/0Xu219

We discussed prospects a lot this week on Motor City Bengals.

Dan Byrne offered his take on one Tigers’ prospect who is quickly becoming well-regarded within the organization. 

Derek Hill: #1 Prospect On the Rise

"We celebrate another birthday for Derek Hill today. That’s 19 of them now. Derek Jeter made his debut the same year the younger Derek was born. The Tigers may have missed out on that other kid from Kalamazoo, Michigan, but they have been far wiser in their pursuit of this other Derek from Elk Grove, California. And a tad lucky, too. Derek’s dad, Orsino Hill, is a career baseball man, having spent his playing days in the minor leagues with teams from seven different MLB affiliates before becoming an area scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Before the draft this year, it was expected in many circles that the Dodgers would be the beneficiary of the Hill & Hill California connection and wind up with Derek in the first round. After all, they picked ahead of the Tigers! Somehow the high school phenom stayed available and was promptly plucked by David Chadd and the Tiger braintrust. Derek is blessed with track-star type speed, probably his greatest asset. That speed impacts both offensively and defensively. He reads the ball off the bat, gets great jumps, and tracks down then gloves many gappers and goners anywhere within the neighbourhood of centre field. He has been clocked at 6.44 seconds in the 60 yard dash. He regularly legs out infield hits, reaching first base in about 4 seconds. From the right side of the batter’s box! Muy rapido. Scouting reports indicate an accurate and very strong arm. 92 mph from an outfielder! Yoenis Cespedes and Derek may have some good-natured throwing competitions in Lakeland this coming spring. READ MORE"