ICYMI: MCB Digest–Detroit Tigers Week That Was

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One more page of Scherzer stuff and we promise to move on, but we look at why Washington decided to make such a splash. We talked with our awesome FanSided affiliate that covers the Nats, District on Deck.

Then we touch a bit on the anger of those Tigers’ fans left behind. Yet anyone angry with Max for taking the money would do so themselves in a heartbeat.

Turning the page on Max Scherzer; Why Washington?

"What prompted the Nationals to make such a bold move? DOD: The Nationals made a bold move, but its not one that shouldn’t be seen as surprising. The Nationals have Scott Boras clients on their team in terms of homegrown talent (Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon to name a few), but look back to the winter of 2010 when the Nationals signed Jayson Werth, a Scott Boras client, to a seven-year deal. This is a move that could have originated from Boras going to owner Ted Lerner for this type of a deal. Lerner is 89 years old, and as evidenced by the Rafael Soriano deal from 2013, he will make the deals that he feels can lead Washington to a championship. With the addition of Scherzer, the Nationals become a favorite to win the World Series. The only surprise, so far, in this move, is that either Jordan Zimmermann or Stephen Strasburg weren’t traded before this move happened. I am interested in seeing whether the Nationals do trade one of those guys this offseason or stick with the super rotation and the championship-or-bust aspirations. READ MORE"

Don’t blame Max Scherzer for “greed,” you’d do it too

"While many fans expressed relief that the Tigers were not the team on the hook for $15 million annually until Scherzer is likely well retired from the game, they still expressed the same tried and true talking points when any player leaves a professional sports team for another via free agency. One of the most popular was it was a “cash grab.” Usually cash grabs can be related to a guy who goes from a good team to a bad team simply to collect a paycheck. This is not the case here as Scherzer is leaving a World Series contender for another World Series contender. The hefty raise is a nice, uh, bonus. Some Detroit Tigers’ fans called Max “greedy” or that he is “only in it for the money.” That may be true, but who among us is not in it for the money? They say that he should have taken lesser money from Detroit to show that “there is still loyalty in sports.” I am here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there is NO loyalty in sports and there hasn’t been any for a very long time. Think of it this way: You take a new job and are successful at it for five years. Your company experiences a lot of good times as well, but then it comes time to ask for a raise. Your current gig offers to double your wages while a competitor of your current company offers to quadruple your wages and set up your family financially for life. READ MORE"