Top 10 Detroit Tigers Trades of the Past 25 Years

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10.  1991 – The Tigers received Mickey Tettleton from the Baltimore Orioles for pitcher Jeff Robinson.  Tettleton hit two home runs over the right field roof at Tiger Stadium and in 1991 hit 31 home runs and was a Silver Slugger while the Tigers finished second.  He had four extremely productive seasons at the Tigers and was solid behind the plate with one All Star appearance.

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9.  2004 – Carlos Guillen is acquired from the Seattle Mariners for Juan Gonzalez and Ramon Santiago.  Besides his injuries and sometimes hole in the glove at shortstop, Guillen was part of the core that drove the Tigers to the 2006 World Series and helped build the foundation for the four consecutive AL Central titles.

8.  2010 – From the Cleveland Indians, Jhonny Peralta was acquired for pitcher Giovanni Soto.  Soto never made it out of the minor leagues in the Cleveland organization while Peralta went on to be an All Star for the Tigers.  Despite his suspension for the Biogenesis case, Peralta was instrumental in the 2013 post season run against the A’s and Red Sox.

7.  2011 – The Tigers send minor league pitcher, Cole Nelson, to the Minnesota Twins for outfielder Delmon Young.  While Delmon might have not yielded fielding prowess and his arrest and suspension for hate crimes are a mark against him, he was one of the more pivotal post season players in the past 25 years for the Tigers.  He was a Yankee killer in the ALDS in 2011 and the MVP of the ALCS in 2012.