Ranking AL Central Division Starting Rotations

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1.  Detroit Tigers:  Grade B+

1.  David Price LHP

2.  Justin Verlander RHP

3. Aníbal Sánchez RHP

4.  Shane Greene RHP

5.  Alfredo Simon RHP

I get really excited when I see the first three names on this rotation and that excitement fades when I realize that Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello are no longer here to “round off” the five.  However, they still have the deepest and most experienced rotation with two Cy Young winners taking the mound.

With the most expensive rotation in the division, the Tigers have the biggest holes to fill.  David Price will have a great contract year and is likely to compete for the Cy Young award this year.  Anibal Sanchez will need to stay healthy, something he has struggled to do his entire career, as he no longer has the depth in the rotation to back him up.

I agree with the many who are anticipating JV to have a great bounce back year after last year.  Greene will fill Porcello’s absence nicely especially in the confines of Comerica Park. And Simon will need to replicate and sustain the magic that he had in the first half of last year with the Cincinnati Reds while transitioning to the American League

The Central Division has four great starting rotations that will provide for some great baseball this year.  The Royals and the White Sox have the most potential to out perform and the Tigers have the greatest risk of under performing.  Whatever two teams figure it out will be still dancing in October.

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