Ranking the 2015 AL Central Division Outfields

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5.  Minnesota Twins

Overall Grade:  D+

LF – Oswaldo Arcia

CF – Aaron Hicks

RF – Torii Hunter

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Last year I took a buy out from my 20 year stint in corporate America.  Can I please have a shot at running the Twins?  Seriously..every article I write on the Twins is about how bad their team is.  They might be the worst team in the major leagues in 2015.  Their outfield is yet another pimple on their….

Torii Hunter was the big upgrade.  I love Torii Hunter in the clubhouse. Torii Hunter the outfielder is done and he should have retired.  A better managerial candidate that right fielder and he’d be best suited to watch his son play college football.

Oswaldo Arcia really doesn’t provide anything – no bat or glove.  Center field is wide open at Target Field. One of the reasons the Twins gave on bringing Hunter on was to mentor Aaron Hicks.

Finishing the outfield might be Danny Santana and Eduardo Escobar.

I’ve done enough damage to my friends psyche who are Twinkies’ fans and will move on.