Best Detroit Tigers Fights Over The Years

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Victor Martinez and Grant Balfour Drop Some F-Bombs, October 2013

Oct 7, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Home plate umpire Gary Darling (37) gets between Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez (left) and Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Grant Balfour (50) in the ninth inning in game three of the American League divisional series playoff baseball game at Comerica Park. Oalkand won 6-3. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

To call this an actual fight would be a stretch, but it’s still worthy of noting as Victor Martinez completely owned then-Oakland Athletics closer Grant Balfour.

It was Game 3 of the 2013 ALCS, and Martinez was up to bat against Balfour. It’s uncertain what exactly started this whole ordeal as the screaming and explicit language came out of nowhere.

Victor Martinez doesn’t even know what happened, according to USA Today:

"“I just fouled a pitch off,” Martinez said. “This guy look at me and I was looked at him. He told me ‘What the (expletive) I’m looking at?’ Really? I mean, (expletive) him. I don’t take that (expletive). Not even the greatest closer in the game, Mariano Rivera, tell you stuff like that.”"

Martinez then said he doesn’t even know who this guy is:

"I don’t even know who this guy is…I know he’s the closer and that’s it,” Martinez said."

The dust then settled and Victor ended up hitting a single to RF off of Balfour.

You can view the video here, just be warned it contains NSFW language.