Detroit Tigers – The “Should’ve Guy’s” Early Season Review

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3.  Victor Martinez Should’ve Been Placed on the Disabled List to Start the Season

Did you watch the ESPN crew micro analyze Vmart’s swing from the left side of the plate? Yikes, it made me hurt just walking. Seriously, how is the man actually playing? He’s rebounded a bit lately but he’s a shadow of the Vmart we know.

The 36 year old slugger was rushed back from a major surgery this winter for WHAT!!?!?!  For the Tigers to get a jump in April and May? Or was it because we didn’t have any bench strength at designated hitter and we needed him in the lineup. Placing Victor on the DL for the first 4-5 weeks of the season would have given him a heck of lot more time to recover. And more importantly, contribute throughout the meat of the season.

We watched poor Miguel Cabrera literally limp through the season and it’s Victor Martinez’s turn to limp through this year.

The Tigers Should’ve Placed Vmart on the DL.