Detroit Tigers – Dear Brad: Your Top 5 Ways to Fix the Offense

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#5 – Fire Wally Joyner

Joyner had a respectable career as a MLB player and hitter – .289 career average, 204 home runs and 1,106 RBI.

So we’ll give him that he’s qualified to be a hitting coach in the MLB.

But let’s look at his track record. He was hired by San Diego in mid-2007. He resigned late 2008 due to the poor production. He resurfaced in Philadelphia in 2013 and they didn’t have a great year hitting and in 2014 became the Tigers hitting coach.

We see more of Wally Joyner on the phone waiting for the thumbs up or down on instant replays then we do instructing the Tigers. Let’s get someone that has can instruct some of the best hitters in the majors when they are slumping.