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OF-Harry Heilmann

As the Ty Cobb era began to close in Detroit, a rising star began to emerge that would soon replace the aging veteran in the hearts and minds of Tigers’ fans from 100 years ago. That player was rightfielder Harry Heilmann.

Hitting was in Harry’s DNA, winning the AL Batting title in 1921, 1923, 1925 and 1927. He was the last Tiger, and second-to-last American League player (Ted Williams) to finish a season hitting above .400 (at .403 in 1923).

He did not come into his own at the plate until his fourth year in the majors, 1919 in which he hit over .300 for the first time. He never hit under .344 as a member of the Tigers.

Heilmann joined his fellow outfield legend Ty Cobb in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1951.

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