Detroit Tigers: Top 10 Hall of Famers in Franchise History

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Ernie Howell and George Kell

Alright, so we will make the list 11 guys. Howell and Kell were the voice of the Detroit Tigers from the late 1950’s to the mid-1990’s.

Kell actually played 15 years with five different clubs in the American League, including the Tigers, but he joined the Detroit broadcast team in 1959. Harwell joined the crew in 1960, and the two shared TV and radio duties through 1963. After 1965, Harwell stricting did radio while Kell did television.

Harwell was eventually paired with Paul Carey in 1973 to form the longest-lasting radio team in Detroit Tigers history. Tigers fans can remember listening to Harwell and Carey on the radio until 1991. After one season with the Angels in 1992, Harwell returned to the Tigers and continued broadcasting until 2002. Meanwhile, Kell worked with Ray Lane, Larry Osterman and Al Kaline on television until he retired from broadcasting in 1996.

Detroit fans loved both broadcasters despite the two having very different styles. Kell had a relaxed, easygoing voice, greeting viewers by saying “Good EVE-ning, everyone.” In contrast, Harwell would say “Hiya, Tigers fans!” to start his broadcasts.

Kell was actually a 10-time All-Star during his playing career and won the AL batting title in 1949.  Interestingly, he holds the record for fewest strikeouts in a single season for a batting champion. Kell was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1983.

Harwell was inducted two years earlier in 1981.

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