Detroit Tigers Worst Managers of All Time

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Frank Dwyer (1902)

He was the second manager and managed the second year of the Tigers. His predecessor, George Stallings, brought the team to a 74-61 season, but Dwyer did not deliver anywhere near that success. His win-loss record was 52-83 or .385 percent. This is one of the lowest percentages the team has ever had. The suffered 17 shutouts and 24 blowouts.

Dwyer played between the years of 1888 and 1899. During his 12 years in baseball, he played for several teams including the Cincinnati Porkers, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Cincinnati Reds. He had a .229 BA and he played every position except third base. His experience around the diamond should have made him a quality manager, but his one season in Detroit proved otherwise as his team finished 30 ½ games back from first place in 1902.

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