The WWE Royal Rumble: Detroit Tigers Edition at Tiger Stadium

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 7: General view of a baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals on June 7, 1999 at Tigers Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - JUNE 7: General view of a baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals on June 7, 1999 at Tigers Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Tigers
BRONX, NY – 1955: Al Kaline of the Detroit Tigers poses for a portrait prior to a 1955 season game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. (Photo by Kidwiler Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images) /

Detroit Tigers entries 21-30

Entrant 21 – “Mr. Tiger” Al Kaline

A monster pop from the crowd ala “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kaline comes in and immediately makes a difference. Kaline channels his best AJ Styles, and knocks down Fryman with a flying forearm, and picks him up and sends him out (booooooo).

Bill Freehan sees Kaline and charges straight at him, but Kaline ducks the move, pulling the top rope down at the same time as Freehan goes over the top.

Entrant 22 – “Sweet Lou” Whitaker

Another fan favorite hits the ring, Whitaker enters to the crowd chanting “Hall of Fame”, to the former Tigers second baseman. “Sweet Lou” is a part of the “T2C” Turn 2 Crew with Alan Trammell.

Entrant 23 – Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez

“Catching Heat” member “Pudge” Rodriguez comes in to join the party.

At this point in the match, Cobb tries again to buy the protection services of another rumble participant, offering Rodriguez a hundred dollars. “Pudge” hits Cobb with a spinning heel kick, and doesn’t take the offer.

Entrant 24 – Mario Impemba

Former Tigers television play-by-play host Impemba enters in full wrestling gear, Michael Cole style. Unlike Cole, Impemba actually starts hitting everyone with Lucha Libre style high flying maneuvers!

The crowd is fully on board, chanting “Im-Pem-Ba! Im-Pem-Ba!”

However, a masked man comes from the crowd, and eliminates Impemba! The man takes off the mask revealing himself to be Rod Allen! The rivalry spills out to the crowd and the announce table, as Allen clears the table of any monitors and devices, and chokeslams Impemba through it!

This rivalry sure is heating up to their inevitable no holds barred match at pretend Tigers WrestleMania!

Entrant 25 – Alan Trammell

The other member of the “T2C” enters and he and Whitaker immediately team up and hit some double team moves on the remaining participants.

Kirk Gibson lands on his knee wrong, and rolls out. The medics come out and carry Gibby away. He’s not eliminated, but at this current moment he can’t continue.

Entrant 26 – “Big Wheel” Lance Parrish

The third member of “Catching Heat” joins the fun and Cobb immediately tries once again to buy the protection of another catcher. Parrish this time takes the money. Cobb is relieved and takes a breath. Parrish puts the money in his singlet, and then DDT’s Cobb! The crowd pops (happily makes noise) huge for this.

Entrant 27 – “Hammerin’ Hank” Greenberg

One of the, arguably the best Tigers player of all time enters the contest. Greenberg, who shares his nickname historically with fellow legend Hank Aaron, gets cooking right off the bat. Greenberg eliminates Parrish and hits both Trammell and Whitaker with big boots.

Akil Baddoo to the point has had a great run. He’s avoided elimination several times, and really has the crowd believing this is a sure sign of great things to come. He gets caught in T2C’s finisher, the Turning Two, which looks like reDRagon’s finisher. T2C co-eliminates Baddoo, and the crowd cheers as Baddoo earned their respect in the ring.

Entrant 28 – Magglio Ordonez

Ordonez’ American League Pennant winning home run in the 2006 ALCS is still a bright spot in Tigers fans hearts, so he receives a warm welcome from the Motor City faithful.

Over on one side of the ring, Trammell and Whitaker are looking to eliminate “Pudge” when Ty Cobb picks his spot and dumps both T2C over the top rope, illiciting hisses and boos from the crowd, angry that Cobb eliminated a few fan favorites. Cobb basks in the glory of doing it, making money signs with his fingers and smirking.

Entrant 29 – “Wahoo Sam” Crawford

Slugger “Wahoo Sam” Crawford makes a b-line for his arch nemesis Ty Cobb, and Cobb slides under the ring and runs around. Crawford chases him until Cobb slides back in the ring, and Crawford is cut off by Magglio. Cobb breathes a sigh of relief, but takes refuge by Ernie at the announce table.

Crawford then squares off with Willie Horton, who gets eliminated by Crawford after a true slugfest.

Entrant 30 – “Captain Hook” Sparky Anderson

Sparky Anderson comes out to a truly raucous ovation. He smiles and waves, and all the athletes in the ring actually stop wrestling, and applaud and welcome Sparky to the ring. Sparky enters, appreciates everyone’s applause, when Cobb sneaks in and throws Sparky over the top rope. Cobb escapes back up the ramp going under the bottom rope and laughs and laughs.

All of the entrants are now part of the match, and the winner will be from the remaining group!

The next to go out is Magglio Ordonez when he gets caught by the turnbuckle by Greenberg. He tries a few punches to get Greenberg off of him, but Greenberg focuses on a hard forearm to knock Magglio off his perch to the floor.

Al Kaline is able to take Pudge Rodriguez out next after Pudge gets caught going for a Chris Jericho style code breaker. Kaline catches Pudge at the knees and lifts him out. Pudge is a good sport and gives Kaline a nod of sportsmanship, which Kaline returns.

All of a sudden Kirk Gibson triumphantly returns to the ring, limping but unwilling to quit. He comes back in as the crowd explodes with “Gib-by! Gib-by!” chants.

Gibson fights off a few until Cobb sneaks in with his gold plated baseball walking stick and takes Gibson out by the knee. He blasts him again, and lifts Gibby out and over. Again boos rain down on the “Georgia Peach”.

Cobb is not done there with his walking stick. Crawford and Cabrera are both over the top rope on the apron, fighting for supremacy and a chance to stay in the match. Cobb finds the opportunity to see his rival Crawford and knocks him out with a shot to the forehead, busting him open. Crawford is wearing a crimson mask from the outside looking up at Cobb, who smiles and lifts his walking stick in the air.