MCB Connie Mack Award Ballot

As a proud member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, MCB has a vote this year for the Connie Mack Award. As you might guess, this award names the top manager in each league, each year. The BBA is set up much like the BBWAA in that blogs that cover American League teams will vote on AL awards only. Each MLB city is broken into chapters, and each chapter will have two official ballots to be cast in each award.

The Connie Mack Award will be voted upon this year by MCB and Switch Hitting Pitchers, where Shelly posted her ballot recently. This are the second annual BBA awards. Last year’s winner of the Connie Mack award was Mike Scioscia of the Angels, who took home the honor ahead of Ron Gardenhire and Ron Washington. MCB’s official ballot follows after the jump.

Because we have four writers on staff here, I polled the contributers before posting this ballot. Some interesting names came up in the discussion, but in the end, theses are the names that made the final cut.

1- Ron Gardenhire- Minnesota Twins- Gardenhire’s club was a favorite to win the division before Spring Training began and they wound up doing so with ease. What’s impressive isn’t that they won, it’s that they won without the best closer not named Mariano Rivera for the entire season, and without the services of former MVP Justin Morneau for the entire second half.  Lots of teams have to deal with injuries, but most teams that lose two all-stars will struggle. The Twins rose to the occasion and won the AL Central going away.

2- Buck Showalter- Baltimore Orioles- You wouldn’t expect to see the manager of a team that lost 96 games listed anywhere but an unemployment application, but Showalter certainly wasn’t responsible for most of those losses. When the Orioles fired Dave Trembley, they stood at 15-39, interim manager Juan Samuel guided the O’s to a 17-34 record before Showalter took over and went 34-23 over the last 57 games of the season. Had he been at the helm for longer than only one-third of the year, this award may have gone to Showalter, but it is a season-long award, so I couldn’t in good conscience list him number one.

3- Cito Gaston- Toronto Blue Jays- The Blue Jays spent the winter trading away their best player in pitcher Roy Halladay, most baseball people figured the Jays would have a good shot to finish in the cellar in the stacked AL East. Well, they finished fourth, but a 85-77 record was far better than most thought was possible from this team in that division. Gaston’s final year as the manager of the Blue Jays was a pleasant surprise on the field. Whomever takes over for him will have big shoes to fill.

**others receiving votes- Joe Maddon (TB), Ron Washington (Tex), and Jim Leyland (Det)

Keep your eyes open as this week will feature more post-season award balloting. For more information on these awards, or the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, visit the BBA homepage. If you have an active blog and would like a say in future balloting, contact Daniel Shoptaw at [email protected].

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  • Bob

    Allowing Showalter on the ballot while he managed all of 57 games is absurd. That’s almost as farcical as someone thinking that Leyland belongs on the ballot at all.

    Completely off topic (Sorry John). The Phillies wrapped up their series on Sunday and the Giants did the same yesterday. When are they starting the NLCS? Why Saturday of course because FOX says so. They’re going to make these 2 teams sit around in the middle of October for almost a whole week before the first pitch is fired in anger. I’m not even going to watch the damn series, but it pisses me off no end to see how MLB has ceded their responsibility (the best interest of the game) and allowed FOX to dictate how the series is scheduled. Selig ought to hang his head in complete shame.

    • Zac Snyder

      I agree on all points, Bob.
      For the sake of discussion, what is your top three for AL manager of the year?

      • Bob

        Gardenhire, Madden, & Washington for the simple reason that they won their respective divisions and nobody else really stood out. Gaston did a good job under difficult conditions, as did Guillen whose team got off to a lousy start, but on a 3 person ballot, give me the division winners. They won, everybody else lost.

        • Zac Snyder

          Those were my top three, I got trumped. Oh well.

  • Bob

    We haven’t heard from you regarding this scheduling fiasco and I’m anxious to hear you chime in on the matter. I read today that the ALCS is going to start Saturday also, but get this, they’re taking Sunday off and resuming on Monday because god forbid that a baseball game would interfere with their other money machine, pro football. They’re waiting all week, playing one stinking game, and taking another day off because the networks cannot be inconvenienced. To hell with the players and fans, the network comes first. The corporate media is abominable and I loathe those network sons of bitches with every sinewy fiber of my being. The sooner that corporate, money grubbing whore Selig is replaced, the better.

    • Zac Snyder

      To further Bob’s point: On this day in 1984 the Tigers won the World series. On this day in 2010 neither LCS has started.

    • John Parent

      Oh, I’m right there with you Bob, I just didn’t see the value in posting about it. MLB’s blatant bowing to the Fox Network shows even less spine than we thought Selig had. He wants to bitch about having a World Series in November, but he allows FOUR days to pass before even beginning a LCS game. If all four series had gone five games, They still would have been done by Tuesday, yet we have to wait until Friday to start? There is no reason other than this is what Fox wants, that the LCS should have started later than Thursday, for both leagues. Play one at 5 and one at 8, what’s the problem? Maybe then we could wrap this thing up by Halloween.

      What Selig SHOULD do, but never will, is to tell the networks that the games will be played on HIS schedule and if Fox has a problem with it, then he’ll award the rights of the next TV deal accordingly. I’m certain that TBS or ABC would have no problems showing a Sunday LCS doubleheader, even against the NFL. It a damn joke.

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  • Bob

    Yeah, I know that decrying the influence of FOX won’t change a damn thing, but it does feel good to get it off my chest. I hate everything about FOX. Their faux news, their sports coverage, and their everlasting search for the lowest common denominator in all things. Used car dealers have more integrity than anyone who works for that manure spreading network. Thanks for chiming in John.

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