Marlins Trade Dan Uggla to Braves

From ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, the Marlins and Braves have agree to a deal that sends Tigers-target Dan Uggla to the Braves in exchange for LHP Mike Dunn and INF Omar Infante.

If I’m a Marlins fan, I no longer have any faith in the team’s front office. This trade is simply not a good one. I know that Uggla is a one-year rental right now, but even if the Fish had held on to him until this time next year and let him walk at that time, the two draft picks they would have gotten would have been a better haul for their second baseman. Maybe I’m just bitter that the Braves, not the Tigers, did the fleecing in this trade.

Infante is a nice player, he can play virtually anywhere and he’s a good hitter, but he is not an impact guy. Dunn is a quality left handed bullpen arm, which always comes in handy, but overall this package represents a poor return for the Marlins and one that has to leave Tigers fans (not to mentions fans of just about every other team) thinking that this was an opportunity missed. Surely, Dave Dombrowski could have come up with a better offer than that.

Unless the Marlins really, really liked Infante, I guess.

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  • Chris Hannum

    I’m floored. Also impressed that you managed to get this information posted before did. Wow. This looks like a horrible deal for the fish… and that’s a package we couldn’t or wouldn’t match???

  • Bob

    This was “an opportunity missed” and I’m elated that it was. I’m perfectly happy to let Sizemore and Rhymes battle it out for the second base job next year. Now hopefully, they’ll get the chance, barring a dumb ass trade by DD.

  • John Parent

    Yeah, I can see the thought there Bob. Before Uggla became available, I was more than happy to go into 2011 with the second base competition being open. Then word came down that Uggla was out there and for me, that changed the equation. I don’t think the Tigers NEED to improve that area, but when an obvious (offensive) upgrade became a viable option, I think you have to explore that. Now that he’s a Brave, we can go back to being cool with the competition at second. At least until Chase Utley or Ian Kinsler or Brian Roberts hit the market…

    • Bob

      Yes, Uggla would have been an offensive upgrade, but he also would have been a defensive downgrade and in my view, his offensive prowess wouldn’t offset his defensive deficiencies. I believe that the competition at second base will bring out the best in whoever wins the job and we can rest assured that second base will be in good hands for several years to come.

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