Tigers Attendance Lagging

You may remember hearing a few weeks back about the Tigers strong early attendance, bucking a negative trend for the league as a whole and strong season ticket and package sales. As of mid-April, attendance was indeed quite a bit above last years levels. Unfortunately, that trend doesn’t seem to be holding up:

Through Game # 2011 2010 Ticket Diff.
1 44799 45010 -211
2 78609 80342 -1733
3 107593 106423 1170
4 126317 123481 2836
5 146926 141895 5031
6 167452 161157 6295
7 190989 183165 7824
8 226216 203065 23151
9 244000 228660 15340
10 262027 260385 1642
11 280180 291427 -11247
12 301356 317030 -15674
13 324208 351395 -27187
14 347759 378771 -31012
15 370328 407285 -36957
16 400900 438415 -37515
17 434541 470147 -35606
18 472188 510889 -38701

This shouldn’t be due to the quality of the product on the field, after 40 games last year the Tigers were 23-17 compared to 22-18 this year. We had our 4 at home against the Yankees early last year and early this year, but they didn’t seem to draw so well this time. I’m sure some of this can be chalked up to bad weather, and maybe some to the drawing power of the competition, but it is looking like earlier reports of bouyant ticket sales and baseball enthusiasm booming in the Motor City may have been premature. Let us hope that we see a little more sunshine and a rebound in the latter half of May.

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  • Bob

    I’m not sure why, but my interest in the Tigers has really waned this year. I paid for the MLB audio as I’ve done for the last 5 years, but I haven’t listened to a single game yet. They’ve been on ESPN a few times, and I’ve only watched one half of one game. I thought that since the Red Wings are now done for the season that my involvement would uptick a bit, but it hasn’t. I simply read the summation and the box score of games and move on. Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting older and having other priorities, but for a great many years I was a baseball fanatic and I’m not anymore. If I didn’t read this blog once in a while, I may not even have the lackluster interest I now possess, so thanks to all the writers here. Perhaps as the season progresses and the team continues to do well I’ll find some semblance of my former passion once again. I guess this post doesn’t really have much to do with the subject at hand, but while attendance is lagging, so is my love of baseball. I didn’t see that coming.