Let's Ditch the "National" Announcers

Through most of the year, I have not been able to watch the Tigers when they play the “nationally televised games” (read FOX and ESPN) for a variety of reasons.  So, while I have had sprinklings of exposure to the national voices of baseball, I have spent the majority of my time watching/listening to Rod & Mario when the Tigers are at home and opponent’s announcers when the Tigers away from Comerica Park.

It has made me realize that the vast majority of these guys are good.  In fact, they are better than the voices that FOX and ESPN subject us to during the national games.  This has become painfully obvious to me while watching the current playoff series between the Yankees and Tigers.  The announcing team that TBS has burdened America with during this series has made me think that we need a change.

Why not have the announcers of the home team in each playoff game do the announcing?  I cannot speak for them, but I think they would consider it an honor.  They worked hard all your long and deserve the opportunity to continue working as long as their team does.  Can you imagine hearing Mario and Rod and the emotion they would have as each inning passed?  Or listening to the home team’s announcers as their team let a lead slip away?

The TBS team has had a bit of a Yankee bias (which I understand).  My problem with them has been their lack of knowledge regarding pretty much anything about either team.  This is to be expected – they are contractors, brought in to talk about a team for a week and then move on.  Why not have a group of people who KNOW at least one of the teams really well.  I would not mind the pro-home bias because it is to be expected.

I think that baseball fans would appreciate the excitement and knowledge that the home announcers could convey. When Tigers fans go back to the 2006 walk-off that Magglio what call do you think they prefer - the Dan Dickerson radio call or the Thom Brennaman TV version?  If you listen to the commercials on TBS and MLB Network for the postseason, you will hear the radio calls of some of the plays and they always have more emotion/excitement compared to the national contractor.

Of course, there are exceptions to this – and the number exception to this rule would be if the White Sox ever made the postseason.  Under no circumstances should America EVER be subjected to the White Sox home broadcast team in a playoff atmosphere.  If MLB wanted the worse ratings imaginable, THAT would be the perfect formula…

I know the chances of this occurring are slim to none, but it still something fun to think about.  So, Mario or Rod, if you happen to read MotorCityBengals, I would be happy to hear your opinion on this matter.  If any team (minus the White Sox) makes the postseason, I think we should be able to enjoy their broadcasters as we continue to watch that team play deep into October.

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  • ChrisHannum

    I used to get MLBtv basic, so I could only watch home broadcasts and I agree: The White Sox broadcasts are difficult to stomach. But, still, Mario and Rod are pretty tepid compared to Gibby and Lewin. Broadcasters that can keep you entertained while the team (invariably) loses are rare.

    • Sam Genson

      @ChrisHannum I have MLB.tv basic as well. Although, on the iPad you can listen to any broadcast

      Gibby and Lewin were awesome. It would be great to listen to Lewin do the Rangers series rather than any schmo they are going to stick us with.

      • ChrisHannum

        @Sam Genson If that schmo doesn’t say “He Gone” several hundred times with an artificial twang, I’ll be content

  • funkytime

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    I couldn’t stand the way the TBS announcers were obviously rooting for the Yankees. Whenever they had the bases were loaded they’d show the Canoe grand slam and practically beg for another one.

    And the most obvious and annoying sign of bias was when the Tigers had a no-hitter going in in game 2, and they started talking about how the last time the Yankees were no hit through that number of innings it was against Bonderman and Canoe broke it up. They made it clear that they were hoping Canoe would break it up again as he was coming up.

    If you’re going to have mediocre national broadcasters the least they can do is pretend to be unbiased … sheesh …

    • Sam Genson

      @funkytime I don’t think you can EVER have a nationally driven telecast unbiased for the Yankees. They have the largest fanbase in MLB. They are playing to their crowd. I understand it, I just don’t appreciate it. If we are going to listen to announcers cheer for the Yankees, then let’s listen to the Yankee announcers, that would have been an entertaining telecast last night – regardless of the outcome.

      • funkytime

        The idea of the home announcers doing games nationally sounds interesting to me. I’d be all for it.

  • MCBjohnverburg

    Yep, I don’t like em either. Though I just kind of tuned them out.

    • Sam Genson

      @MCBjohnverburg I did eventually. What I did notice though was that thier tone chnaged based on where they were. While in Yankee Stadium, they were decidedly pro-Yankee. While in Detroit it just seemed like “meh, its a ballgame…OOOOOOOOOOH GRANDERSON………”

      They were pretty excited about Verlander (eventually) though

      Yuck. We don’t have to stomach them again do we?