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One of the things we are committed to at this site is not only bringing you all articles and discussion about the Tigers, but to also bring you some of the best, and most current, information regarding Tigers prospects.

Myself and Tigers prospect guru, James Chipman, are currently working on an off-season top 40 prospects list that we will begin rolling out sometime in the next couple of weeks. The exciting thing about this it will be a collaborative effort by the both of us, which typically doesn’t happen with these lists. The other exciting thing about it is, James and myself have seen most of these guys play numerous times, and if not, we know someone that has. In other words, you will get information from first hand accounts of watching these youngsters play.

On top of the top prospects list, we are going to bring you prospect profiles, so our readers can have an idea of what the Tigers have in their system talent wise. As interest in minor league baseball and our prospects grows, we will increase the coverage.

I also would like to give the opportunity to those who have prospect questions to do so in a “mailbag” type format. At the end of prospect related articles, I will leave an email address to send any questions you have, in what could hopefully become a regular segment on this site.

We all welcome comments to any of our articles, so don’t be shy, sign in and become part of the conversation.

Thanks for checking out our site.

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  • Sam Genson

    I am VERY interested on the opinions of the 2011 draft class (if you have any). I like the concept (college players), but don’t know much about each individual player

    • MCBjohnverburg

      I have plenty, but most arent all that flattering. They got some potential, but the Tigers way overdo it on low ceiling college guys. Like most things, a better mix would be nice.

      • Sam Genson

        @MCBjohnverburg Right now, with the Tigers system the way it is, I care more about floors than ceilings. Boesch, Avila and Granderson were not especially high ceiling guys.

        • MCBjohnverburg

          @Sam Genson I disagree with that. All of those guys were in the 5th round or earlier, so their ceilings were considered high. And there was a considerable floor on all of them. Guys like McCann, King, Westlake are the types of guys that can be big leaguers, but they are more than likely very pedestrian big league players at best.

        • Sam Genson

          @MCBjohnverburg So you don’t think the ceilings/floors of this years top 10 picks of the Tigers match that of past college players? Again, I don’t know that much about the new players (I don’t really start paying attention until High A or AA for most guys). I do think this past draft was somewhat reactionary in compensating for the complete lack pf position prospects outside of Castellanos but I am not sure that is a bad thing.

          While Granderson and Avila are obviously select case, I would say they both exceeded their ceilings (or at least Avila is on the way to doing that)

        • MCBjohnverburg

          No I don’t. A lot of people don’t realize that Curtis Granderson was considered a 20/20 type talent when the Tigers got him. He exceeded those at this point, at least power wise, but there is nobody out of the college guys I see with this type of potential other than Tyler Collins. Same with Boesch. He was an athletic guy with power potential coming out of Cal. I think because they took a little time to develop, people assume they weren’t supposed to have decent ceilings. Avila always had potential with the bat. I don’t think McCann’s matches that same ceiling, though defensively McCann is more polished as a catcher than Avila was obviously. I would say that if you are comparing them to say Andy Dirks. Yeah, we have ceilings/floors that match former Tigers. The one guy in the top 10 that I see as a potential every day player that could be above average is Tyler Collins.

        • Sam Genson

          @MCBjohnverburg interesting points. I just hope we can get some contributors (or solid trade chips) from this draft. Only time will tell.

        • MCBjohnverburg

          I think with a lot of things, there should have been a better mix of high school/college guys, with high ceiling vs high floor players taken, but it doesn’t make it a bad draft. I get some right and some wrong. I may not love the draft but that doesn’t mean there won’t be contributing players from it. Their philosophy just struck me as weird given the strength that this draft had in terms of talent level.