Mar 5, 2014; Kissimmee, FL, USA; (EDITORS NOTE: caption correction) Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Evan Reed (57) pitches during the fifth inning against the Detroit Tigers at Osceola County Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers Evan Reed being investigated for sexual assault

According to Detroit’s Fox 2, Detroit Tigers relief pitcher, Evan Reed is being investigated for sexual assault.

A victim has come forth and alleged the sexual assault occurred the day before Opening Day, March 30, in Detroit. That alleged victim is currently being interviewed by Detroit police and the investigation is likely to take a couple weeks.

The Tigers issued the following statement, according to Fox 2:

“The organization is aware of the very serious allegation that has been made against pitcher Evan Reed. This allegation is concerning and we are aware of an on-going investigation. It would be inappropriate for the ballclub to comment further at this time.”

It appears unlikely, per that statement, that Reed would be suspended during the investigation. Should charges be filed, that will likely change.

Reed accompanied the Tigers to the West Coast for games against the Dodgers and Padres and has yet to be personally contacted by DPD.

Reed is being represented by former Oakland County Prosecutor, David Gorcyca.

Reed’s attorney, David Gorcyca, also released a statement saying: I was informed this morning that the Detroit Police Department has opened an investigation involving Evan Reed. We are very confident that once a thorough and full investigation is completed, Mr. Reed will have nothing to fear.
During the infancy of this investigation, no one should formulate any conclusions that a crime has been committed. Mr. Reed is currently on a 7-day West Coast road trip and has not been contacted by the Detroit Police Department. We plan on cooperating with the investigation when the time is appropriate. Until then, no further comment will be made by me or Mr. Reed.”

Reed won a bullpen spot with a strong Spring Training. He’s pitched well in two appearances so far in 2014, allowing two hits and no runs in 2 1/3 innings.

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  • David Andrews

    Well, Matt, I hope you are proud of what you have accomplished today. You have guaranteed that at least one person’s life had been smashed! If Evan did as you claim, he will be arrested and will get everything coming to him. IF – IF he did no wrong – as his lawyer claims, then you, Matt Pelc have needlessly dragged his name through the mud. Even if he is cleared of all wrongdoing, your undoing of him will stay with him for life. If Evan is cleared, will you, Matt Pelc publish the name of the woman that falsely accused him? will you make sure she gets the same treatment that you have extended to Evan?

    Yes, Matt Pelc, you got your story, but at what cost?

    • Matt Snyder

      You’re not being serious, are you?

      • David Andrews


        And until this charge is formally brought, Evan Reed is an innocent man and his life has potentially been destroyed by viscous newsmen only looking for dirt to spread everywhere. To date, no charges have been filed, and no warrants issued!

        • louwhitaker

          I’m sorry, Mr. Andrews, but this is nuts. I read this account of the story, as well as two or three others, and it never occurred to me to pass judgement on Reed’s guilt or innocence. It is a news story highly relevant to the Detroit Tigers. It needs to be publicly aired.

        • chrisHannum

          Half of sportswriting consists of unfairly dragging guys’ names through the mud for alleged inability to pitch, hit or field. Even if their names are ultimately cleared and it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they can pitch, hit and/or field the stories stay out there – permanently damaging their reputations and careers.

    • Matt Pelc

      Did you go and comment on everyone’s story that posted this last night? It was everywhere. Like it or not, this is news. I made it clear he hasn’t been formally charged and hadn’t even been contacted by DPD. Yes, we’re primarily a blog site, but some fans get their Tigers news from us first. It would be a disservice to not print Tigers news.

      Bottom line: A Detroit Tigers pitcher is being investigated for a possible crime. That’s news. No judgement one way or another was passed along in the article.

      Thanks for reading Motor City Bengals.

    • Josie Parnell

      I think it’s pretty unfair to fault a sports writer for reporting a story. Now, had Mr. Pelc come out and said something like “Evan Reed is being investigated for sexually assaulting a woman and I think he did it because he looks like the kinda guy who would do something like that and is a big, fat doodie-head”, I could completely understand where you’re coming from. But… he didn’t do that. He gave a completely noninflammatory account of the situation as it stands now without giving any sort of personal opinion on innocence or guilt. That’s journalism, like it or not. He provided his readers with the current info and statements made by the team and Evan Reed’s lawyer. I don’t really see this as a problem at all. And, I’m sure, that when this mess is all sorted out and the claims are verified or found untrue, that will be reported in the same unbiased way.

      • David Andrews

        A completely noninflammatory account??? Here is my problem with that. This report makes the assumption that Evan committed the crime because – BECAUSE – if this were a neutral account, it would have read something like “Last Sunday evening a Miss Abernathy accused Mr Reed of assaulting her at the Motor City Casino…” But that didn’t happen that way because it would not be fair to post the name of the victim…… But, Matt did post the name of the victim – because at this point we don’t even have she said, he said, but only she said. As long as this woman can accuse anonymously, she can destroy Mr Reed without any backlash.

        Perhaps, Matt, I should not have been quite so harsh on you, because the point should be made on the Freep, the News, and anywhere else this was posted, and even on the DPD. This one sided slam job, particularly on well paid men has to stop.

        If, it turns out that Mr. Reed is guilty of this charge, I believe he should be immediately thrown in jail and it the Tigers don’t make it to the WS because of that – so be it. But if Mr. Reed is found not guilty, then this woman should be given the sentence that would have been reserved for Mr Reed – but it won’t! More than likely, she doesn’t have enough money to make it worth Evan’s time to sue her, so with the reporting as it is, she is in a win-win situation, and the baseball gossips have put Mr. Reed in a Lose Lose situation.

        • curtieson

          Just for your knowledge, someone that falsely files a police report in Michigan IS subject to the same punishment as the crime they falsely reported (felony = felony). However! I doubt a false report is the situation here…as most likely there was SOME sort of sexual conduct in this situation, it is all just he said/she said as to whether it was inappropriate or not.

          So, he could have saved himself from the situation by not getting sexually involved with a random person that would later try to exploit him for money…no random sex with strangers no random sexual assualt charges. I mean…can you really say it isn’t fair that because he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars that he can no longer go around having casual sex? I mean, “ohhh darn, I’m rich but I have to only have sex with people I trust….whatever will I do??”

          • David Andrews

            I am not excusing any behavior on the part of Mr. Reed – I think I made that clear. You have made my point that in the court of public opinion, Mr. Reed is already guilty (He could have saved himself….) This is exactly why I think that a little discretion on the part of the press to not report until there IS a story. If the Detroit Police can wait a week to question Mr. Reed, certainly the gossip sheets could wait a week to question his discretion.

        • Josie Parnell

          I’m gonna be that guy and post the definition of the word inflammatory: (esp. of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse angry or violent feelings. So yes, I stick to my statement that this was a noninflammatory account of facts.

          As for saying that the accusers name should be published as well? Seriously? Is there a possibility this is untrue? OF COURSE there is. And, my goodness do I hope it is a false accusation. But there’s also the possibility it’s true. And because of that, the accuser’s right to privacy trumps everything. Because forcing a woman brave enough to come forward and report a sex crime to reveal her identity, and expose herself to the public at her most vulnerable moment is a violation on it’s own. Again, I’m NOT SAYING that I think it’s true. I have no idea, and make no personal judgements one way or the other.

          So yeah, the whole situation sucks. It’s awful, and if Evan Reed is innocent(and, again, I hope he is) this is truly awful and she should absolutely be held accountable, with her name published for the papers for all to see. But if it’s true? And people were running around publishing her name and slinging mud at her because he’s kinda-sorta somebody? That’s worse. Sorry, but it’s true.

          • David Andrews

            OK, this will be my last comment on this subject.
            Josie, You are willing to smear the man before the facts are known, yet you want the woman protected.

            All I want is for both sides to be secure in their privacy. Is that so much to ask?

          • Josie Parnell

            I didn’t say that at ALL. And, again, the piece in question wasn’t a smear job, it was reporting the facts that have come out. That’s it. It’s unfortunate, but this is how the system works, information about the accused is public, the victim is protected. I didn’t make the rules, and neither did Matt. He reported the story, as did all other news outlets. *I* have not and will not smear *anyone*.

            You accused me and others of already passing judgment on Evan Reed, when none of us have. You may want to take a look at the judgement YOU have already passed on the accuser.

            Again, I really hope it’s not true and that if that is the case that the woman faces the consequences of her actions. Believe me, as a woman, the only
            thing I dislike as much as a man who sexually assaults a woman is a woman who lies about being sexually assaulted. But to say there is intent to smear Reed anywhere in this posting or in these comments is reallllly reaching.

            Have a great day!