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Jack Wilson rumors surface,Treanor included


What is this, 2004? The Jack Wilson rumors are back and in full force, just like the good old days. This time though, there is a twist to the to the Rumor. Supposedly, Neal Huntington and company are looking to acquire florida catcher Matt Treanor and package him with Wilson in a deal to the Motor City. Why is this a bad idea? IF I were Dave Dombrowski, wouldn’t I rather have a Ronny Paulino or Ryan Doumit over Matt Treanor? The Catcher hasn’t been able to hold a starting job in the majors. In his 200+ games, Treanor has hit an average of .237. Sure, he has pretty good defensive ability, but so does many other catchers on the free agent market. Guys like Brad Ausmus, Miguel Olivo and Toby Hall among others could fill the void as a backup catcher, if Dusty Ryan is ultimately the starter.  It just makes more sense to sign someone, unless of course, Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis were in the deal.

Moving on to Jack Wilson, His numbers are not as good as some people hope. He is a solid fielder, I will give him that. Only five errors in eighty games. A career .269 hitter, Wilson will draw long at bats, and get on base at a pretty constant rate. But he just isn’t worth the price. When it comes down to it, his stats match up pretty evenly career wise with Julio Lugo. His seven million dollar contract is just too much to be wasting, without really bettering the team. (For more analysis of the rumor, head on over to Bless You Boys).

If the Tigers are willing to add more payroll, why not go after an Orlando Cabrera or Rafael Furcal, to compliment Curtis Granderson at the top of the order? It doesn’t seem that is even possible so far. Yahoo’s Tim Brown stats that Furcal’s agent says there is a “surprise team” in the mix. Could it be the Tigers? Only time will tell.