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Could Furcal be an option?


It seemed early in the off-season that Rafael Furcal was a lock in the West coast.  The Dodgers had thoughts of offering arbitration. The Athletics and Giants both had interest in the speedy gun slingin’ shortstop who many feel is the best available in the free agent market. The Giants went with Edgar Renteria (thank God it was their mistake).  The Dodgers second guessed offering Furcal arbitration and began to focus on the bigger names of the free agent market (Manny Ramirez, CC Sabathia). It seemed that Furcal was about to join Matt Holliday and the A’s, one of the only teams able to spend a lot of money this off-season. A four year 35-40 million dollar deal was on the table. Now, after being to greedy, Furcal could have killed his only shot at a long term deal. The Athletics will now take that money, and search for another plauible starting pitcher.

ESPN’s Buster Olney believes that Furcal will now probably sign a short-time Deal:

"“Well, he’s the perfect player for some big-money contender to snag for a big-money, short-term deal, but such an offer may not emerge for some time.”"

Hey, Dave Dombrowski… Are you listening? This could be the perfect opportunity for the Tigers. It will still be tough, considering Renteria has already set a high standard for a two year deal, but it’s well worth the telephone call.

This way the Tigers wouldn’t have to give up either Matt Joyce or Jeff Larish. If signs a one year guaranteed nine million dollar deal, with an option for the second it might be able to work.  I know that I’m probably getting my hopes up, because this off-season has been the dumps so far. But it is something worth talking about. What do you guys think? I am I just being a hopeful fan?