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The Cougar, Cabby, and the First-Place Detroit Tigers


Some disturbing trends have begun in Motown recently regarding nicknames for our beloved Tigers. Rogo over at DesigNateRobertson recently took a look at it, and the party that is the Bless You Boys community has been tackling the Miguel Cabrera (or “Cabby” as Rod Allen has referred to him on waaay too many occasions) situation with gusto. But just recently, a new, much more revolting nickname has appeared, via’s Alex Loeb. Loeb does the short video highlights included in the game recaps for the website, and Ian from BYB recently noticed that Loeb referred to Curtis Granderson as “the Cougar”. It was my hope that this was an attempt to make an analogy about Grandy’s leaping catch to rob the game from the Indians on Friday night, but alas, he did it again here. This cannot stand, people! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for players having colorful nicknames, but the cougar? I would hope we could do better. And who is this Loeb guy to be attaching nicknames at his whim? What kind of a world are we living in where people are allowed to say or write anything they want about a baseball team without any repercussions? In that world, some no-name from Delphos, Ohio could seemingly write his own blog and have it published for all the world to see, without having any credentials (aside from several years studying English at Bowling Green State University). Oh wait… I guess I’m glad that’s the world we live in, and it gives me something to write about on the off day, thanks, Alex.

Anyway, after completing the three game sweep in Cleveland, Detroit now sits atop the AL Central standings, in a virtual tie with Kansas City. After not spending a single day in first last season, it sure is sweet this year. And as my boss pointed out this morning, if the team keeps pitching this way for the next 150 games, they’ll win the world series. Dare to dream. Next up is a trip to the Metrodome to take on the Twins.