Tigers call up Motor City Bengal’s Own!!!


The most exciting point of the season is here! The Tigers have called up Freddy Dolsi to replace reliever Ryan Perry. Last year, Dolsi pitched

well at the Major League level, compiling a 3.97 ERA. He struggled with control, and it was an obvious issue at points.  The right handed reliever struggled in the month of May, but he has turned it up as of late. Dolsi has allowed two runs on eight hits over 10 2/3 innings and converted three saves in June.

Dolsi has been an average pitcher at best this season, so why am I so excited? Because he is my Tiger. You’re probably wondering why my favorite Tiger would be some lowly reliever trying to figure his way fully to the major leagues? Maybe it was because I felt bad when I watch his first pitch of the Majors fly over the centerfield wall at Comerica Park.  Maybe it is his demeanor or the fact that he doesn’t throw a fastball 102 MPH, or have the craftiness to always hit his spots.  Dolsi competes though, and that is what I love about the kid. 

Hopefully he can stick it out with the parent club. If Zach Minor takes over as the fifth starter eventually, and Perry cant find his control, Dolsi could be here for quite a while this season. The more time, the better!