This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball is on the Way!


And Now, Let’s take a short break to talk about what is coming up on Motor City Bengals.

Due to the crash of my Windows Machine (Yes, I do all my editing on Windows, despite being a mac fanboy), I will not be able to get the show up until Friday afternoon.

Joining us is Greg Eno of Greg Eno dot com and Al Beaton of the Wayne Fontes Experience (His new banner is kick ass by the way). Both Men will join me to talk about the recent acquisition of Aubrey Huff, the continuing impression Alex Avila is placing on the team, Brandon Inge’s “misplayed” ground ball, and much much more.

Also joining the program this week is Paul Wezner, the Executive Editor of  We will talk about the recent additions to the minor league system, as well as Toledo arm Brooks Brown.

Well now it’s time to install good ole’ Windows XP. Too bad I cant afford another option on Mac OS that is not called Garage Band (Don’t get me started).