Fan Huddle Open to the Public


Several months ago I was contacted by Brad Stewart, the President of Front Office Sports.  Brad had an interesting idea and asked me to be a part of it.  The gist is this: He was launching a new website that would cover all sports (seriously, even cricket) and would be written entirely by bloggers and fans of each team.

Joining Austin Drake, the Tigers Community Leader at Bleacher Report, I will post several articles per week on the Fan Huddle network, on the Tigers blog, The Tigers Den.  These articles will be site exclusive, so I strongly encourage you all to check it out from time to time and feel free to leave us a comment or two as well.

You will find in-depth coverage of every team in every major sport.  In addition, Fan Huddle is offering 100% free content for a limited time, after which some of the fantasy sports blogs will be subscription based.  The Den, however will remain free and open to the public.

So don’t worry, Tigers Tracks will continue churning out updates and recaps, and all the analysis I can muster.  All the while I will write additional columns for The Den.  Fan Huddle is comprised of over 200 talented writers, many of which you have probably read before, so don’t be a stranger and come check it all out.