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TWIDTB XIV: Off-Season Offensive Woes



Welcome Back to another addition of This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball! In Episode 14 we continue talks about the off-season. J. Ellet Lambie of Eye of the Tigers and Greg Eno of the Greg Eno Empire joins us to discuss that one trade that took place last week. The guys also discuss the latest Detroit Tigers news.  We discuss the starting rotation in 2010, the bullpen, and of course offensive woes. Management will look from within to add offensive presence. Only time will tell if it works out, especially after losing the number one and two hitters in the lineup. The guys share their opinions on the offensive woes.

Plus, do the Tigers have a vision? I ask the round table to get their opinions on where the Tigers are going and if they have a specific vision.

Also joining us on the show is Wally Fish of Kings of Kauffman. Wally kicks off the A.L. Central Off-Season segment with Royals talk. Is Jason Kendall the right catcher? After a tough 2009 season, are Royals fans happy with Trey Hillman as the manager of the club? We also discuss the latest rumors and move the Royals have made in the off-season.

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Thanks for listening and have a great week!