FSD Announces New “April in the D” Winner


Typically, the month of April is the best time of the year for fans of Detroit sports. In any given year, the Pistons and RedWings are vying for playoff positioning (not this year, but we won’t mention that) and it also marks the beginning of baseball season.

Fox Sports Detroit is your home for nearly every game of the season for all three clubs, and that does create some interesting scheduling conflicts for the network, usually resulting in alternate channels being utilized, my favorite part of being a DirecTV customer, by the way.

Each April over the past few years, FSD has bombarded their viewers with commercials using musical renditions of a song called “April in the D” which vary from year to year and are catchy at best, nauseating at worst, especially by the third or fourth time your hear it. By tax day, it’s safe to say there isn’t a viewer in all of the Midwest that isn’t wishing May would just hurry up and begin, so we won’t have to hear that damned song again.

Last year, the Good Luck Joes tortured us all with their version, and this season we can all look forward to being beaten over the head by a Detroit-based rock band called the Victorious Secrets, FSD announced today. MLive has a good little write up on the decision and notes that unlike previous years, FSD will actually rotate the song between three bands, also including runners-up B-dab and No Justus (click the “April in the D” tab so see videos) and their offerings for the contest.

Without further ado, I present to you the song that will make you want to throw your remote directly through your 55″ plasma, “April in the D”, which was evidently recorded in a warehouse. Quite reminiscent of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as far as the video goes, but without the anarchist cheerleaders. Enjoy.