Friday Links: Casper Wells, Stephen Strasburg, Trey Hillman, and LeBron James


Bored at work on a Friday afternoon? Me too. Here’s a few links to keep you going.

  • At Tiger Tales, Lee has a quote from Casper Wells concerning his rumored promotion. Spoiler alert: he’s as surprised as anyone. Casper Wells is on the Way
  • Billfer does a great job working through the implications of such as move, going so far as to include as many as two additional moves, all of which could happen by Monday. The Detroit Tigers Weblog
  • Over at Big League Stew, ‘Duk asks the unthinkable question (if you’re a Royals fan that is). BLS
  • Speaking of the Royals, what did Joe Posnanski think of the firing of Trey Hillman? JoeBlog
  • Craig Calcaterra takes the next step, showing us what to expect from new Royals skipper Ned Yost. For the record, I expect an immediate improvement. They can start by cutting Yuniesky Betancourt. Hardball Talk
  • Remeber when Stephen Strasburg made his Spring Training debut against the Tigers? Well Rob Neyer thinks he has Strasburg’s ML debut date pinpointed. I hope he’s right, Stasburg is taking up valuable space on my fantasy team right now. The Sweet Spot
  • Back to the Tigers- they made a slew of minor league moves yesterday and Matt Wallace gives us the skinny. Take 75 North

That’s all I got for now baseball-wise, but Posnanski also had a fantastic write up about the Cavs/Celtics game last night. On a personal note, I loved every second of watching LeBron and the Cavs give up in this series. Joe didn’t agree of course, but then he is from Cleveland. One Last Bitter Moment