New Venue and New Voices


As I mentioned a little while back when MCB got its facelift, we had been looking to add to the staff. The reasons for wanting to expand were mostly selfish, I had been dumping a ton of time into the site and new I couldn’t keep up such a pace, plus I wanted to have someone available to keep the site updated on the weekends, when I generally don’t write. To the seven of you who responded to my call for help, I appreciate your interest and encourage you all to keep writing, and to keep reading.

While I may be burying the lede a bit here, I do want to say that in the addition of two new writers to the MCB staff, we have freed up enough extra time for me to add to my already journeyman-like resume. Starting this coming Tuesday, and every Tuesday thereafter, I will be writing a feature column on FanSided’s flagship MLB site Call to the Pen. My column will focus on the happenings of the buyers and sellers, what players could be on the move, which managers should be afraid for their jobs and so on and so forth. I’m very excited about the opportunity Wally and the rest of the FanSided team has given me, both here at MCB and now with my new venture into Call to the Pen.

Of course, the only way it’s possible to write for both sites is if I have some capable hands to help out around here. That’s where these two come in. If you’ve hung around Bleacher Report I’m sure you’ll recognize the names; Matt Snyder and Zac Snyder.

Yep, they are related. The Brothers Snyder are also the founding writers for the Mitten Sports Report and have had very successful and prominent “careers’ writing for Bleacher Report as well. Both Matt and Zac are lifelong Tigers fans and oddly enough, both are engineers. And now both brothers will be bringing you content here at MCB. I want to thank Matt and Zac for coming aboard, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Without further ado, the floor is yours, Snyders. Take it away. Dear readers, I’ll see you on Monday where we can talk til were blue in the face about Dontrelle’s terrible start and hopefully about Armando’s great one.