Who Would You Like to See in September?


If you have followed this blog (and read my “about” page), you know that I also serve as a Wednesday columnist over at FanSided’s flagship MLB site, Call to the ‘Pen. One of the things we do at CttP is a monthly collaborative post in which Wally Fish (MLB Director) poses each site lead a question, then turns those answers into a post of sorts.

Wally asked each of us to give him a case for one player in the organization to receive a September call-up. Not who we think will get recalled, but who we think should get recalled.

My answer was Cale Iorg. I think Iorg might just need a chance to experience the major league to get him going. It’s far-fetched perhaps, but what do the Tigers have to lose?

Click here to see my complete argument on the subject, and also to read Wally’s well-informed rebuttal. Before you start flooding the comments here, note that I did make a mistake in saying that Iorg is already on the Tigers 40-man roster. He is not, but that could be rectified easily by moving Magglio Ordonez from the 15-day DL to the 60-day. No harm there as Ordonez will not be back this season.

So now you have my answer, I’d like to hear yours. Leave a comment and make a case for the player you would like to see added to the roster on Wednesday. Obviously, players already on the 40-man are more likely to come up, but being that Ordonez’s spot is available, you could reach beyond those constraints if you’d like.

So what say you, MCB community? Should we see Iorg in Detroit? How about a third catcher? Maybe Andy Oliver should come back? You tell me.