The Sports Pages: Rhymes Speaks and More Luscious Links


“I always turn to the sports pages first, which records man’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures.”

– Earl Warren

Here’s a list of links to whet your Friday appetite. Hopefully, I’ll makes this a regular Friday feature, but no promises.

The folks over at Bless You Boys do a fine and wonderful job with their site, which is obvious by the numbers they bring in. Recently, Kurt beat me to the punch yet again and netted himself a Q & A with Tigers second baseman Will Rhymes, which he posted this morning.

This is an interesting look at the man behind the flowing locks. Rhymes is showing through his twitter and through taking the time to answer some questions for BYB that he is a man of the people. It’s easy to root for a guy like that.

You know, Lynn Henning has to be pissed at Rob Parker. Not only did Parker skip town to go work for ESPN, gaining national notoriety, but his departure left Henning as Detroit’s most-hated sportswriter. Don’t worry though, Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk has taken exception to the latest piece of crap that Parker offered up, taking him to task on his Cy Young article.

Henning, for his part, offered up a piece today that outlines the very real possibility that a couple of long-time Tigers might be playing their final three home games with Detroit this weekend. Waiting for me to rip Henning to shreds? Not this time. While many Tigers fans might not want to envision a future with Brandon Inge, Henning is right. There are no guarantees this fall.

But let’s get back to the bashing of Detroit writers, shall we? And if there was someone you would want to do the bashing, it’s the Fire Joe Morgan boys, who re-reunited on Tuesday, taking over at Deadspin. One of their targets? None other than Red Smith Award winner, and noted maker-upper-of-things, Mitch Albom. Even if it was only for one day, it was good to have FJM back.

Speaking of trashing someone’s article, DesigNateRobertson does it about as well as anyone, as Jamie Samuelson can attest, I’m sure. In his most recent post, however, there’s none of that. This time Rogo decides to lay out his plan for the off-season, if he were sailing this ship.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Erin at Tigers Amateur Analysis is quietly doing great work. Her perspective is always refreshing in a mostly testosterone filled blogosphere. And no, this link has nothing to do with the shout out she gave me in her latest post. But it is appreciated.

And speaking of women in the workforce, Samara at Roar of the Tigers has a wonderfully illustrated review of Rhymes first career home run. The thing that no one gives her enough credit for his her writing. Off-beat, but always entertaining.

If there is still a question about whether or not the Tigers bring back Jhonny Peralta next year, and I think they will, Austin at the Tigers Scorecard gives us the run-down of potentially available free agent shortstops this winter. Peralta has been better than expected with the glove and his offense should be enough to keep him around at $7 million next year.

Finally, if you’ve been following the twitter war between Jon Paul Morosi and, well, seemingly everybody else out there, you know that Morosi has been working hard to make a case for Miguel Cabrera as the AL MVP. Lee Panas of Tiger Tales chimes in with thoughts of his own.

That’s it for this week, kiddies. Enjoy the links in all their linktascious linkiness.

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