Brandon Inge Needs Your Vote… Again


Over the past week or so, the writers covering AL Central clubs here at FanSided have been working had to settle arguments over the starting lineup for our all-division squad. We’ve come to a consensus on most of the roster, but third base remains unsettled. This is where you come in.

There is a poll over at Kings of Kauffman where we need all Tigers fans to go and vote for Brandon Inge as the top third baseman in the Central. His chief rival in the voting is Twins third baseman Danny Valencia. This is your chance to get back at Minnesota  for all the heartache they’ve caused us over the past few years. Remember when Inge was hit by a pitch in game 163, but it wasn’t called? Now is the time to rush to Inge’s aid and keep another Twin off the team.

If not for sentimental reasons, vote Inge for his outstanding defense. Vote Inge for his dedication to the team and the Michigan community. Vote for him for his occasional power surges, or vote for Inge simply because he’s not a Twin. Regardless of the reason, go vote! Then come back here for all your Tigers-related needs including, but not limited to, mindless rah-rah stuff like you’ve just seen, but with more general venom for the Twins and White Sox. Oh, and we do plenty of as-impartial-as-we-can-be coverage of the Tigers as well.