Rumor Mill Churns, Fans Grind Teeth


So, alright, we’ve had little but grim news the past few days on the actual baseball diamond – but as a fan maybe there is some value in the hope that we’ll get some backup in and of itself. Over the past week or so, we’ve heard that the Tigers are interested in top-tier starting pitching and right-handed relievers, that they aren’t interested in adding a bat and (somewhat confusingly) that they are seriously considering Carlos Beltran and kicking the tires on Ian Stewart.

Now each and every one of these possibilities has been looked at in some detail already (except for the more recent Lowe rumor), what we haven’t had is a poll. Which of these guys would you, the fan, like to see brought on board? Since cost is context, I have included a rough guess as to what I imagine the player might take to pry away from his current roster. Since we’ve heard that Dombrowski would like to augment the ‘pen (and we know he likes to make deals with the fish) but we haven’t heard any specifics, I have included very available Marlins closer Leo Nunez as a proxy for ‘bullpen help’

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