Bowden: Tigers “out” on Hiroki Kuroda


Let me preface this post by saying that among MLB “insiders”, the one I have the least amount of faith in is Jim Bowden. When Bowden reports or tweets something, I generally wait for another source to confirm the information before I think it might be credible. That said…

Bowden tweeted today that the Detroit Tigers are out of the running for Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. Detroit wasn’t seen as a likely landing spot for Kuroda in recent days, once word of his reported preference to stay in LA filtered out. Several writers have speculated that Kuroda, who has a full no-trade clause in his deal, may approve a deal to the Yankees or Red Sox, but not to the midwest.

Again, those reports were speculative and anytime someone states off-handedly that the Yankees or Red Sox would be in a power position, I immediately wonder if that’s true or if the writers are simply playing to their markets. As for Bowden’s comments, again, I like to hear it from someone else first.

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