Brennan Boesch’s Season of Retribution Continues


You ever notice all the cool words start with “re”.  Revenge, respect, retaliation and probably the coolest of all, retribution, which can be used to describe Brennan Boesch‘s odds-defying season.

While Boesch’s heroic, rain-soaked, game clinching home run against the Texas Rangers on Monday will go down as one of the signature plays of the season, the moment was really a microcosm of Boesch’s season.  Down and out with an 0-2 count in pouring down rain, Boesch turned on the lethal Mike Adams‘ change-up and gave the Tigers a much needed lift in a pennant chase.  Like the situation, Boesch was counted out of the Tigers plans after a horrific second half to 2010.

Under more meaningful circumstances, the home run would probably go down in baseball lore, but as it stands it’s one of the signature plays of what could be turning into a division winning season for the Detroit Tigers.  A season that is owed largely to the contributions from Boesch.

Boesch has been an interesting, although under covered, story for the Tigers this year.  Other than a mini-slump in May, Boesch has been about as consistent as they come for the Tigers this year.  It’s to the point where it’s easy to forget that at one point late in spring training, Boesch’s roster spot was up for debate with the emergence of Andy Dirks.  Boesch’s critics were many (yours truly included) and his supporters were few.

Boesch hasn’t been rattled by a bad at-bat or poor series this season, like he was last year.  He’s worked counts deep and even his outs have been hit hard.  He’s firmly planted himself square in the middle of the Tigers future plans.  He’s shown more moxie than the most recent unexpected surprise the Tigers have had…the immortal Chris Shelton.

So, while I may be waxing ecstatically about Brennan Boesch, he’s proving to everyone that they were wrong about him.  He’s alive and well and hitting game winning home runs in Detroit.