Tigers Extend Contract With Toledo


The Tigers announced that they extended their contract with the Toledo Mud Hens today as their AAA affiliate. The contract will run through 2016, making the relationship last for at least 30 years, and in the opinion of this Tigers fan, hopefully 30 more after that.

This is essentially a no-brainer decision for both of the parties involved. Especially business wise. This allows both Toledo and Detroit to continue to allow fans in both cities to enjoy watching a lot of the same players. It makes sense geographically as well, as players are just a short drive away if the Tigers are at home. Convenience of call ups is a nice thing to have.

Being someone who enjoys watching minor league baseball, I am happy with the decision. The Mud Hens have a beautiful stadium in an area that is really developing nicely. If the Tigers are off, and Toledo is at home, people need to get down there and check out some minor league baseball. Its cool for families, it’s close, and it is affordable. Plus, you get to see some future Tigers.

And now…you get to do it with relative ease for five more years.