Comerica Park Re-vamp Means No Tigerfest In 2012


In case you had not already heard, Tigerfest 2012 is a no-go.  Apparently the Tigers are making some much needed changes to their almost 12 year old park.  Much of the talk has centered around some scoreboard updated for the massive placard that looks down upon left-field in CoPa.  Lynn Henning of the Detroit News (hey, he is on twitter now – follow him @Lynn_Henning – it is worth it as he has a high level of interaction with his followers) makes the case that, while cutting edge when first installed, the scoreboard is not very dated technology.  It certainly would be nice have a huge video board with a high-def display rather than the two clunky screens that now occupy that space.

While the Tigers explored other options for Tigerfest – such as Cobo, Joe Louis Arena, and the suburbs – nothing really worked out and they felt it best to postpone the event rather than put together a shoddy production.  On the bright side, it is welcome news that there were enough events going on around Metro Detroit that the Tigers were unable to find space that fit their needs.  I would assume that the annual Tigers caravan will still take place as that is not normally associated with Comerica Park.

Although the scoreboard was mentioned directly, it sounds like other improvements may be taking place around CoPa.  We will just have to wait and see what those renovations encompass as the Tigers are staying mum right now.  I can safely assume that my dream of a 2nd deck in RF with an overhang similar to Tigers Stadium is NOT on the list (fingers crossed for the next round of renovations).