Tigers Prospect Scouting Profile: Ben Guez


There are a number of under the radar types in the Tigers system that might not amount to much, but they do have a shot to play in the big leagues at some point. One of those guys is Ben Guez. Guez is a little talked about outfielder in the Tigers system that has made a name for himself the past couple of years, and is coming off of a strong 2011.

Guez could be a darkhorse guy to get some big league time in 2012, so I figure, what the heck? Let’s take a look at him.

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Ben Guez is an outfielder that was drafted by the Tigers in the 19th round out of baseball powerhouse William&Mary in the 2008 draft. From the same school that produced Will Rhymes, Guez didn’t waste any time signing with the Tigers and starting his professional career in 2008. The Tigers started the right-handed hitter off in short-season Oneanta where he hit just .223 in his first professional action. In 2009, Guez picked things up considerably when he moved to low class A West Michigan. Guez finished his first year of full season ball hitting .275 and producing an OPS of .802, which is no small feat in the Midwest League. In 2010, Guez became the guy that moved around the organization, and it might have made him a little uncomfortable. He took a dip, hitting just .249 with an OPS of .752 across the levels. 2011 was another bounce back for Guez. He hit .284 between Toledo and Erie, and posted a .783 OPS.

Scouting Report:

I think the best way I can describe Guez is ordinary. I don’t mean that as an insult in the least, he just doesn’t do anything much above average, but the

saving grace for Guez is, he doesn’t do anything much below average either. At just 5’11, Guez does have a solid build, that can at times produce good power to the pull field. He does have some pop the opposite way, but it tends to be more of the doubles variety rather than the long ball variety. Guez controls the strike zone well, but could stand to be a little less aggressive at times. The swing itself is short and compact, and he combines it with good hand-eye coordination. Guez is a solid runner, though I wouldn’t consider him much more than average.

Defensively, Guez can play all three outfield spots. He did start out in center, and is adequate there, and I don’t think the solid arm fits in RF. I see LF as probably his most appropriate outfield spot going forward, and given the state of most teams left fielders, I think he could be above average out there.


Probably a year and a half ago, I probably wouldn’t have been that optimistic on Guez and his chances. I don’t mean to make it sound like I am sold on him, because I am not. But I can see a 4th or 5th outfield profile here. He is the type a guy that can hit a few homers, steal a few bags, and play all 3 OF spots adequately. That sounds like a bench player to me. In fact, I would liken his profile to that of a right-handed hitting Andy Dirks, with less ability to hit, and slightly less physical tools.