Exciting News For MCB And Its Readers


I just wanted to stop by and let all of our readers know about some of the exciting things going on here at Motor City Bengals. First and foremost, before I go into some of the things we are doing on site here, I wanted to pat ourselves on the back a little bit, and send a thank you to all of you who visit our site regularly. As Editor of the site, I am encouraged by the growth that we have experienced in the past 5 months, and hope to continue to make this an attractive place for readers to come and enjoy baseball discussion. We of course couldn’t do this without you the readers making us a regular stop, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the quality of the writing staff. I may be biased, but I think we have the best group of writers and content of any Tigers blog out there. And there are some good ones.

Thanks again for reading……

Now, on to the main reason for the post. Some things we are doing here.

First, a couple days ago, James Chipman put up a post for an MCB run, readers fantasy baseball league. We are trying to get 20 teams involved, and as of now, I am not sure how many spots are left if any. This is kind of a cool thing that James has decided to watch over, and can assure you, from what James tells me, the prizes awarded are going to be something any Tigers fan can truly enjoy. If interested in joining the fantasy league, please email James at jayrc_mcb@mail.com.

The second thing I wanted to mention is about prospects, something near and dear to my heart. James and myself compiled a list of the Tigers top 50 prospects earlier this winter, however, we didn’t really have the time to put them all in one place earlier. I am pleased to announce that is no longer the case. As other sites like Fangraphs,

Minorleagueball.com, and Baseball America reveal their Tigers top prospects, feel free to check out how our list stacks up against them. You can do so by going to the “Featured Articles” tab on the top of the page, and simply scrolling down and clicking the top 50. Once in that tab, you will see the links for both the rankings, and the corresponding “mini” scouting reports as well.

We will begin working on doing the same for the “Prospect Profiles” soon, and hope to have all of those done in the near future, so you all can have access to those in one place as well.

Third, MCB is going to be getting a new look very soon! In fact, version 3.0 of the site is in it’s testing phase right now for us writers, as we are getting used to the new site. The new layout is really cool, and I am excited for our readers feedback once it is launched to the public.

There of course is going to be other things that come along in the next couple of months, and as always we will try and give you all the most comprehensive Tigers coverage possible, in what promises to be a good season for the Tigers.

As I always do in posts like this, I ask that you all please feel free to sign in and join the conversation in our articles. A big thanks goes to those who already do, and help drive the discussion day to day. If not, I will continue to put my site email out there from time to time. If you have any prospect questions, articles that you would like to see talked about, or just want to drop me a line, I can be reached at my site email of mcbjohnverburg@gmail.com.