Tigers Sign Ignacio Valdez


The Tigers signed a 16 year old outfielder from the Dominican Republic a couple days ago, who so far is called Ignacio Valdez. I kid, I kid. But with the pitchers formerly known as Fausto Carmona and Leo Nunez, you just never know. Anyway, Valdez has a write up of his skills at the Dominican Prospect League’s website here.

After you read it of course, you feel pretty good. I mean, he is in the mold of Vladimir Guerrero after all. The words raw appears in that small blurb though, and that is the important word in that whole article. Still, the Tigers felt that Valez’ skills were strong enough to drop 280K on the young man, so at the very least, their scouts are convinced.

Whether he amounts to anything or not, I still like the aggressiveness on the part of the Tigers.

But…….save some money for Yoennis. That guy can jump real high.