On Tap: Angels And White Sox Come To Town


Typically, I don’t really get involved in series previews here at MCB. It’s a conscious decision, mainly because a number of outlets do these types of things, and I would rather spend my time analyzing some other aspect of Tigers baseball than doing a preview-by-numbers post. Don’t worry, I’m not setting you all up to break my own rule, even though I have done previews before on rare occasions. I guess it’s a soft rule.

The Tigers do return home to play a couple of interesting teams this week in the Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers are looking up at both teams in the standings, Chicago of course for the division, and the Angels for a wild card berth. I’m not sure there has been a better week as a fan to get down to Comerica Park and catch a Tigers game. Two good teams coming to town, and with the trade deadline approaching quickly, this week could have an impact on what the Tigers are doing.

Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself and suggest that this week is crucial or anything. Even in the unlikely event the Tigers go 0-7 for the week, it certainly wouldn’t put the Tigers out of the race. I don’t see that happening though, as the Tigers are just playing too well right now, and of course they get a tiny bit lucky. As much as fans might want to see the Tigers face Jared Weaver, presumably to beat the Alex Avila tower buzzing villain, we won’t get the opportunity. Weaver, who is having a fantastic year, pitched yesterday for the Angels.

Me? I prefer the Tigers get lucky and not face teams quality starters.

Another bullet the Tigers dodge when facing the Angels this week, is that Tigers killer Dan Haren is on the disabled list. Haren likes facing the Tigers, and last year in two starts against Detroit, he threw two complete games, going 18 innings and giving up just one run.

That isn’t to say the Tigers don’t face some good pitching this week. They do get C.J. Wilson on Wednesday, and Chris Sale on Friday. Sale, by the way, pitches against Justin Verlander. If that isn’t a sellout at Comerica Park, I would be embarrassed for Tigers fans. Great pitching match up, and fireworks too after the game!

One other thing to consider when playing these two quality teams this week. While the Tigers winning or losing this week isn’t crucial in terms of the season, there certainly could be an impact on what the Tigers do at the trade deadline. By the end of this week, the Tigers will essentially be a week away from adding someone new. A rough week could force GM David Dombrowski’s hand into getting a little more aggressive at the deadline. A good week, and maybe just a spare part is all that is needed, and the Tigers aren’t trading away big pieces of their future.

Either way, whatever happens, this week should be the most fun week of Tigers baseball so far this season, and I for one don’t want to miss it.