Minnesota Twins 3-2 Detroit Tigers: Phil Coke Probably Shouldn’t Close


I had 239 words already written about the Tigers’ 2-1 win ready to go. I just need four words now.

Phil Coke sucked today.


  • OK, but seriously. This game was pretty ho-hum until Phil Coke came in to close (after Joaquin Benoit walked the first batter of the ninth) and remembered he was Phil Coke. It’s a long season. There’s no reason to get worked up over the second game of the year. But the Tigers may want to at least not pitch Coke against righties. Ever.
  • Another note about the bullpen: don’t start looking for excellence because it’s not coming any time soon. It’s the weakest “position” the Tigers have, but it could be worse (which is hard to think of after this loss). The thing is, since Leyland is going to have to tinker with this bullpen there will be a lot (too many perhaps) growing pains until the team figures something out. Setting up a good bullpen is a fickle process. Anyone who thinks it can be figured out with the snap of their finger is kidding themselves.
  • What may have been just as bad as the relief pitching is the hitting. Eight guys left on base today. The Tigers have never been a patient team at the plate and it makes no sense to expect anything different in 2013. It’s feast or famine.
  • Darin. Freaking. Downs. (Would not be shocked if this is the last time we ever write this)
  • What the hell happened on the final play of the game in the outfield?
  • There are 160 games left in the season, so don’t have a heart attack after game two.