Minnesota Twins 8-2 Detroit Tigers: We’re All In Mid-Season Form


The honeymoon is over.

You could argue it was over after the Tigers’ offense disappeared in the late innings of Opening Day. You could argue it was over when Phil Coke gave up the game-winning hit in game two.

But teams should be judged on entire series and not just one game. And now that the Tigers finished the first series of 2013 with a 8-2 loss, the fans’ honeymoon is officially over.

Not that Tigers fans can truly allow themselves to enjoy anything. Even the idea of baseball being back, a feeling that usually masks the reality of every team’s flaws at the beginning of the season, didn’t entirely keep Tigers’ fans happy. And now the newness of the season is long gone and we all feel like we’re in the dog days of summer.

It’s one thing to be completely surprised by a result. To not see impending doom coming. But none of this is surprising. None of this is something we haven’t seen. It’s a mediocrity that looms over all Tiger games and we’re just never sure when it’s going to rear its ugly head. Poor hitting here. Terrible bullpen pitching there. The Tigers don’t just lose games. They bleed out slowly over nine innings until you’re left alone, agape, wondering how the hell they just lose two out of three games to the Minnesota Twins.

Baseball is back. And we’re all miserable for it.


  • At least we didn’t have to worry about the closer today.
  • In a related note: bullpen issues won’t matter if the Tigers only score 2-3 runs a game against back of the rotation starters.
  • Brayan Villarreal throws the ball really hard. That appears to be the only thing he does well.
  • Rick Porcello will get some flack from people but just to remind everyone: he’s the fourth/fifth starter and the Tigers only scored two runs. He’s fine for what he is.
  • LOB City!!! Someone needs to make this into a t-shirt to sell outside of Comerica Park. Put the phrase inside a diamond with all three bases filled. It’s like printing money.