Detroit Tigers 2015 schedule announced


MLB has the oddest schedule release of any sport. While the self-aggrandizing NFL makes it another off-season event, baseball quietly releases the following year’s schedule in the midst of the current year’s pennant races.

So while the Detroit Tigers are hoping for a good showing against the Kansas City Royals beginning this afternoon, they will be looking toward next year in addition to trying to extend this year past Sept. 28.

The Tigers will open the season at home next year, but later than recent Opening Days have been: Monday, April 6 against the Minnesota Twins. They will then hit the road that weekend and be the opponent for two teams, the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates, at their home opener.

Other notables:

  • The Tigers and the Yankees did not play until August this year, but New York will pay a visit to Comerica Park early, for a four-game series April 20-23.
  • Assuming Prince Fielder is healthy, his first game back in Detroit will be Thursday, Aug. 20. The Tigers and Rangers do not play in Arlington until the last series of the season.
  • The Tigers went on west coast trips three times this season. Next year there will be two: May 25-31 to Oakland and Anaheim and July 6-8 to Seattle
  • The AL Central will face the NL Central next season. Because the Tigers and Pirates have been installed as “natural” interleague rivals, that means their usual four games will be increased to six for 2015. In addition to their April trip to PNC Park, the Pirates will come to Detroit June 30-July 2.
  • Other interleague home series include Milwaukee (May 18-20), Chicago (June 9-10), Cincinnati (June 15-16)
  • Other interleague road series include St. Louis (May 15-17), Cincinnati (June 17-18), Chicago (Aug 18-19)
  • Tigers finish their home schedule with 9-game home stand with Royals, White Sox, and Twins from Sept. 18 to 27.

For a full schedule, click here.